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Energy saving in electronics production

Much simpler than you imagine!

Electronics production without electricity – unthinkable! The biggest electricity consumers in SMT production are reflow ovens. Used worldwide in many electronic manufacturing production sites this soldering process is at the same time a very inefficient method for soldering. The extremely high power consumption of reflow systems is due to heat transfer via air.

However, there is a very effective alternative: heat transfer by liquid – Vapor Phase Soldering (also known as condensation soldering).“

A basic comparison

Vapor-Phase-Soldering uses fluid and therefore allows more than 20 times better heat transfer than air! As a result, power consumption is reduced by up to 75% when using an ASSCON Vapor Phase Soldering System. Will you still be able to afford reflow soldering with air in the future?

What does the future hold for us?

In the near future energy costs will increase significantly and for the long run.

What will happen to future CO2 certificates?

What additional costs will you have to bear?

Comparison of soldering processes

The more effective alternative: heat transfer by liquid – Vapor Phase Soldering (also known as condensation soldering).

Comparative Calculation

ASSCON Vapor-Phase inlinenominal power (KW)ø power consumption (KWh)electricity consumption2 KWh/dayelectricity costs3 €/day

1 Average power consumption during soldering process in non-stop operation. 2 Average power consumption during soldering process in KWh is determined using a 2-shift system with 16 hours. 3 Electricity costs 0.25 EUR/KWh.

Compare it now to your system

Average power consumption during soldering operation in continuous operation

Added value & advantages

Are you looking for savings on your electricity costs? The solution is an ASSCON Vapor-Phase Soldering System. And even better soldering quality…

Business management

Inline SMT production with a connected load of 7 kW or more

Set-up changeover times of < 5 min

Maintenance intervals of 4–6 weeks

Process technology

Significantly shorter heating through better heat transfer

Homogeneous heating without cross profile

Oxygen-free process makes nitrogen use obsolete

ASSCON Inline Vapor Phase Soldering System

For 25 years, customers have relied on ASSCON Vapor-Phase Soldering Systems with pin chain conveyor as a true inline solution for electronics manufacturing.



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